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Chemically inert non-stick Lunac 1 applied
to extrusion parts and injection nozzles can
solve several extrusion problems
The minimizing effect on black particles, discoloration and general plastic degradation of the Lunac 1 coating is especially notable in extrusion parts. In the case of extrusion dies, the effect on melt fracture and/or die-lines elimination is remarkable. The characteristic non-stick, chemical inertness and melt-flow facilitating property of the Lunac 1 coating shows the best effect when all parts following the plasticizing and extrusion screws are coated. The anti-melt fracture effect is caused mainly by the very smooth flawless
surface (no micro-cracks or non-homogeneous surface structures) and the special attention we pay to the die-lip end zone (die-lip buildup). In addition to the low coefficient of adhesion, the special high bond feature of Lunac 1allows sharp edges (less disruptions, less degradation). The cleaning interval of Lunac 1 coated parts is normally extended 3-fold. The removal of any deposit is significantly easier with a Lunac 1 coating and can be performed by using only medium hard tools or a polishing agent (but not hard abrasives).

thermal degradation prevention of PUR processing machinePUR processing line with high sensitivity to PUR (thermal) degradation (product discoloration and molecular deterioration). Only adaptor and screen filter elements (part in front) that were meticulously Lunac 1 coated proved to be able to solve these problems completely.

non stick coating for flat dies and adaptors

The least interrupted surfaces with lowest roughness, lowest surface energy and maximum inertness produce the best melt-flow. Lunac 1 can be polished down to Ra< 0.01 µm in a remarkably short time because of the special material (flow polish characteristics.

plastic degradation prevention in nozzles

Nozzle inner bores as small as 3 mm / .118" (or 0.8 mm
/ .031" over a small distance) can be plated to prevent
the plastic from thermal degradation
(melt flow improvement).

Lunac 1 non stick coating for adaptors

This adaptor shows a plastic degradation track (graphically added) to simulate the effect of surface irregularities. Steel is mostly not homogeneous or can suffer from plastic degradation products penetration (picture 4). Research has shown this to be another important cause of die-line, edge-drooling, burned-particle production, discoloration etc. The Lunac 1 coatings are very effective in reducing or preventing these problems due to their uninterrupted inert surface.