anti galling and wear resistant sea water corrosion resistant coating lunac 2+

Lunac 2+ Verschleissschutz Deutschdiagram

Lunac 2+, the ultimate semi-ceramic, pore free and corrosion resistant coating with full substrate bond and optimal toughness

  • Very hard (Hv 1200/2200), semi-ceramic, pore-free coating with a unique combination of high wear, galling, seizing, impact and corrosion resistance
  • Mixed alloy / metallic glass / ceramic system. Weld-quality substrate bond
  • Main application: most sliding elements, e.g. hydraulic pistons and axles

Four main Lunac 2+ version are available:

  • Lunac 2+: wear, anti galling and cost optimized. ceramic coated rail
    Usually 55-70µm (2.2-2.8 mil). In special cases
    up to 250 µm (9.8 mil).

  • Lunac 2(hc)+ duplex: ultimate corrosion protection
    capability, even after small accidents. Protects
    parts from corrosion without any oil film
    120 µm (4.7 mil). NBD 10300 qualified

  • Lunac 2hc+: best chemical resistance.
    Additional layer. See:

  • Lunac 2rc: best wear resistance.
    See: wear resistance

    The new Panama canal door rail system has been coated with Lunac 2+ since 3 years to prevent the system from galling during filling of the lock and corrosion as well as to reduce and stabilize the coefficient of friction. Max. pressure: 560MPa. With permission of:

new york wheel



New York wheel bearings and storm lock systems are coated with Lunac 2+ for reasons of reliable bond, wear and corrosion protection. With permission of Starneth


Ampelmann heavy duty cylinders Lunac 2+ duplex coated to withstand the highly corrosive off shore conditions. The good thermal conductivity of the semi-ceramic Lunac 2+ coating reduces the seal temperatures which is important in the case of a high velocity (wave compensation) system.

  1. This hard crack free coating is highly resistant to adhesive and abrasive wear (adhesive wear test results: 23 N at 0.7 m/s; the combination Lunac 2+/Lunac 2+ is 19 times more wear resistant than the combination of hardened (HRc 64-66) DIN 1.2379 on hardened DIN 1.2379.
  2. Virtually immune to galling / fretting / cold welding or seizing problems in non-lubricated conditions.
    Therefore this coating is ideal for heavily loaded and non-lubricated parts in relative motion.
  3. Lunac 2+ duplex has proved to be one of the most reliable corrosion protection systems in (sea)water.
  4. Often, wear of the non-coated opposing part is also significantly reduced, especially in sea water.
  5. The coefficient of friction is +/- 30% lower than that of hardened steel DIN 1.2379 on steel 1.2379.
  6. Steel cylinders and rods coated with Lunac 2+ are practically equal to HVOF
    ceramic plated cylinders with respect to wear
    , but are much cheaper, much
    less vulnerable and help prevent high seal wear.
  7. Able to deal with (shear) loads over 400 MPa with specified bearings.
  8. Although moisture can slightly tarnish the Lunac 2+ surface,
    Lunac 2+ coatings continue to be highly efficient.
  9. Lunac 2+ resists oxidative wear (tribo wear) very well.
  10. Complies fully with the RoHS standard.
  11. Relatively ductile (elongation 0.28%).

screen changer ceramic coating

Thick complex Lunac 2+ coatings (80 µm / 3 mil) applied to screen changer piston and bores (above) or lock door bearings (right), coated with the highest corrosion resistant Lunac 2+ duplex version or bridge disk spring guidance (below), offer one of the most successful tough ceramic-like, corrosion resistant alloy combination and are able to handle high mechanical loads and shearing without cracking or blistering.

Lunac 2+ duplex coated carbon steel parts in marine environment can profit from :

- (galvanic and sub-surface) corrosion prevention due to the very dense, corrosion resistant structure with minor potential differences and resistance to corrosion after impact (see pictures at the end of that page!)
- limitation or eradication of stainless steel (connections).
- 4-fold improvement of heat conductivity and capability to select low friction and low adhesive wear sliding pairs. See the report of TNO dutch research institute.
- ultimate scratch and abrasive (sand) wear resistance
- mostly highly profitable

ceramic bearing

Julianasluis Lunac 2+ duplex coated main bearing


Ketelbrug. Internally coated Lunac 2+ disk spring guidance to prevent the spring disks from galling and jamming.








rotor disk ceramic coating


vane pump wear prevention




Lunac 2+ wear, fretting and galling preventing coating, applied to the rotor disk frontal face (above) or vanes and housing of a stainless steel vane pump. The goal is hard metal replacement and chemical resistance. Lunac 2+ applied to a single moving element can already highly prevent the total system from galling. The service time of this concept vane pump dramatically increased. Picture and revision of vane pump:
TDO technical services.






Hydraulic pistons
coated with 120 µm (5 mil) Lunac 2+ duplex. These Lunac 2+ duplex coatings are particularly resistant to (sub surface) corrosion, scratches and high abrasive wear load. Moreover, this semi ceramic coating is highly impact resistant and can take up high loads (tested: 400 MPa at low speed without blistering) and is described as seal friendly. The new WMV 3900 mm plating line is able to handle parts up to 3000 kg (6667 Lbs).

crane cylinders

Corrosion resistance after damage

Lunac 2+ duplex coated parts can very well deal with impacts and damage.
Lunac 2+ duplex will prevent the carbon steel parts from sub-surface corrosion in a unique way

corrosion resistance after damage

Test: 4 mild steel test rods with hard corrosion protection
coatings after 1250 hours neutral salt spray testing:

1- Double layer chromium mostly offers moderately up to good corrosion protection after 1000 hours NSS testing, but
cannot preserve corrosion resistance after a 2/10 mm plastic deformation has taken place. Chloride resistance is poor.
2- Nickel-chromium coatings frequently show some small rust spots after 1000 hours NSS testing, but do not
develop additional rust spots after a 2/10 mm plastic deformation has taken place. Chloride resistance is poor.
3- Lunac 2+ duplex can fully resist 2500 hours NSS testing and can deal with 2/10 mm plastic deformation.
Chloride resistance is good.
4- Most HVOF ceramic duplex coatings (picture right) can fully resist 1000 hours NSS testing, but cannot deal with
almost any plastic deformation (progressive blistering). Chloride resistance is mostly acceptable up to good.


Details of the Lunac 2+ system:


- the throwing power in complex / deep structures is approximately 6 times better than that of hard chromium (resulting in less edge build up).

- Lunac 2+ duplex passes the ASTM B117 1000 hours NSS (Neutral Salt Spray) test (2500 hours proven) without any rust formation when applied to micro-defect free construction steel such as S355J2.

-Lunac 2+ duplex has since the 26th of September 2011 been qualified to offer long lasting corrosion protection. This test is based on the EPQ test (ECP accelerated corrosion test) as described in ASTM G59-97 (2003) and ASTM G61-86 (2003)
. Lunac 2+ duplex NBD10300 (Rijkswaterstaat) qualification English

Independent corrosion testing performed by
C-Cube, Delft.

Lunac coatings can be applied to:

- almost every kind of (stainless)
steel or cast iron (up to HRc 50)
- nearly all copper alloys

High mechanical load applications

Lunac 2+ proved to be one of the most reliable and profitable coating systems to obtain long lasting wear, scratch and corrosion resistance. Lunac 2+ coated hydraulic cylinders and bearings in heavy lifting equipment are categorised as proven technology to withstand high shear loads and harsh outdoor conditions for a very long period (according to feed back, since 1995, no Lunac 2+ plated hydraulic cylinders is ever decommisioned due to spontaneous corrosion).

Basic elements :

  • little seal and guide-band wear due to smooth surface
  • no rust formation (and no sub surface corrosion)
  • ceramic coating for hydraulic cylindersultimate scratch resistance and no oil leakage
  • accidents do not initiate a peeling process,
    but are limited to localized deformations
  • able to deal with more than 400 MPa load

heavy lifting hydraulic cylinders coated with Lunac 2+

mammoet crane equipped with Lunac 2+

Enerpac and Mammoet cranes equipped
with Lunac 2+ coated hydraulic cylinders
and bearings.

sea water resistant bearings

The main bearing axles in the doors of the Kornwerderzand lock of the major northern Dutch IJsselmeer dam have been Lunac 2+ coated because of the corrosion resistance, exceptional abrasive (sand) wear resistance and shock resistance (waves) of the coating. Moreover the Lunac 2+ coefficient of friction in water contact conditions can be exceptionally low.

Main Ø 280 mm submerged axles of the new buoy system in Rotterdam habour are Lunac 2 + duplex plated to resist corrosion and especially high wear loads (sand, sludge and continuous swing loads caused by the moored vessels at 3057 KN / 12 MPa bearing load).

First inspection of main Lunac 2+ coated Ø 280 mm axle. Not any corrosion or wear has been
recorded despite the brackish water and sludge/sandy condition at the bottom of the harbour.

Due to the non-stick characteristic of the Lunac 2+ surface the locally present sludge deposit can be removed
completely and with much less effort. The applied steel plate cannot damage the 135 ┬Ám / HRc 72 coating.