wear and corrosion resistant anti galling and industrial non stick coatings

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WMV industrial non stick and wear resistant anti galling seizing coatings

Hard industrial coatings, that truly offer a combination of non stick, anti galling, good wear resistance and ultimate (salt water) corrosion resistance are very hard to obtain. During 31 years of research WMV developed coatings that meet these requirements. Moreover, WMV coatings are pore free, relatively thick, smooth and can guarantee a weld-like bond. WMV coatings are highly fit for harsh conditions.

Non stick coating for industrial applications

Lunac 1, corrosion resis
tant non stick coating

Hard industrial non-stick coating with high corrosion resistance and very smooth surface. Melt flow improvement, anti-black spots, anti-die lines and anti-pollution effect. Mostly applied to plastic and food processing machines.

wear, seizing and galling resistant ceramic like coating for hydraulics

Lunac 2+, ultimate wear resistant semi ceramic

Unique partly ceramic, partly metallic glass/alloy coating. The combined wear, corrosion, galling and seizing resistance is unparalleled for such hard pore-free coating. Hydraulic rods, axles and heavily loaded machine parts.

corrosion resistant ceramic like coatings for off shore applications

Technical hard nickel

This process can 'repair' steel surface micro defects and recover lost material. Impact loading will usually only deform the coating owing to the ductility and full bond. Offers ultimate corrosion pro-
tection in combination with Lunac 2+.

material research materiaalkundig onderzoek

Material and tribological research

WMV quality control and customer support. The extensive WMV laboratory for tribology and material research greatly benefits from its team of practical researchers with a sound know-
ledge of machine part problems.