Verschleissschutzschicht gegen abrasiven und erosiven Verschleiss

Abrasive and erosive wear resistant Lunac 2+
coating for parts suffering from free-particles wear.

Long lasting conservation of machine performance

Parts under abrasive or erosive wear loads (such as wear rings, extrusion parts, cyclones or brass calibration parts, etc.) can very successfully be protected for high abrasive wear with Lunac 2+ semi (high) ceramic. This coating is very capable to deal with this kind of wear, by means of the combined
hardness of Hv 1230 for the metallic glass and alloy matrix and Hv 2200 for the modified ceramic content. Additionally the coating can be applied locally, offers a wide thickness range (45-350 µm / 2-14 mil) and is smooth. The process temperatures are moderate compared to most HVOF coatings.

wear resistant coating for calibration tool

Lunac 2+ coated brass calibration plates operational in a process line for titanium dioxide filled PVC window profiles. Besides the wear resistance (see figure below), Lunac 2+ delivers products without any (black) spot or line anymore. The good heat conductance of these brass plates has not significantly changed. These parts last for at least 7 years in the case of intensive production instead of a few month. Moreover, only Lunac 2+ proved to offer enough friction reduction to proper product sliding.

ceramic coating for calibrator plates

These 2 calibration plates were tested under similar conditions (equal sleeve vacuum and product speed). The white product (TiO2) processed on the Lunac 2+ coated plate wears out the calibration plate 80 times slower than the original brass plate.

(Mainly PVC) extrusion calibers profit from
the hard wear resistant Lunac 2+ layer,
applied to brass substrates. The service
time increases tremendously up to now
without any exception.